Panino & co.

Panino & Co.         Mon to Fri 11am-6pm

Small, simple Panino & Co.  is one of the most outstanding sandwich shops in the city.  Rita Rutigliano heads the kitchen, while brother Mike manages the front of the house.  The family comes from a long line of espresso bars and restaurants.  The menu is inspired by southern Italian family recipes handed down from generations.  There are a few options at Panino, but the basic [insert your choice of meat] on a pillowy white bun is sandwich perfection.  Most afternoons there is a lineup out the door, the room holds 30 and by noon it’s full. 

Porchetta with rapini is first to appear at my table.  Simply put together with the rapini being star.  It’s perfectly tender, not a hint of bitterness and when one takes a bite the sandwich doesn’t slide apart.  Lightly breaded veal is thinly layered with sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions and hot peppers for a satisfying sandwich.  Homemade peppery meatballs topped with gooey melted mozzarella and hot peppers are one of the best in the city – if you’re a connoisseur you have to check it out!  The homemade sausage is sweet and the texture uniquely moist with a bite. 

I normally pass on chicken,  but I’ve heard this sandwich is the most popular.   The breast is sliced thin, breaded, fried crisp, and then layered with a flavourful tomato sauce – secret family reciepe.  The steak sandwich is not what I expected, sliced thin (imagine a well done roast beef) but still tasty.   For a post lunch boost I recommend a cappuccino; is properly awakening,  and dusted with cinnamon.

No sauces or spreads or thousand extra toppings to choose from.  These sandwiches are serious, simple and made with love. 
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