Santouka Ramen

Santouka Ramen     647.748.1717   open daily Lunch & dinner

Lunch lineups out the door are a sure sign something good is cooking inside.  This Japanese Ramen chain has an authenticity that draws Japanese expatriates.  The room is bright – dominated by light and dark stained pine – relaxes the senses.

Toroniku shoyu ramen ($15.90) combines simmering pork jowl with shoyu flavoured ramen and it’s worth a try.  The broth is rich and almost creamy, the pork is uber tender and the egg noodles have just the right amount of firmness. And an order of Aji-tama (a soft boiled flavour egg) is the perfect addition to my soup. Ikura gohan rice topped with briny salmon roe explode in the mouth and proves addictive with a few spoonfuls of broth.  Shibazuke Japanese style pickles may alienate westerners with its unique tartness and tough crunch but I love it. 

Not much of a drink menu, just a few beers.  The servers are cheerful and so is the atmosphere.  The aromas of the soups and the sounds of the restaurant bring me back to Tokyo.
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