Sukho Thai

the white elephant

Sukho Thai        647.351.4612    lunch & dinner Mon-Sat, closed Sun

 The space is old and new, the focus is on the colourful fragrant food.   The drink list is small, just a few moderately priced beers and wines.   The room, in contrast, is quite large with lanterns hanging overhead with lighting dancing off the exposed brick walls.  Servers seem disheveled – it was nearly an hour before the first bit of food arrived.   

Vibrantly colour, the Sukho Thai’s mango salad is simply dressed and very tasty.  Unripe mango just barely sweet is crunchy and slightly sour working marvelously with the salty fish-based dressing.  Next, deep fried spring rolls arrive looking very ordinary and tasting the same.  Fresh shrimp rolls served with a thick and coarsely crushed peanut dip are a standout. 

mango saladfried spring rollsfresh rolls

Sukho Pad Thai tastes like no other in the city.  The dish focuses on citrus, peanuts and savory oyster sauce instead of the usual ketchupy sweetness.   Tom Kha Gai is a spicy coconut based soup with crunchy veggies and a fragrant aroma.  “Elegant” Gaeng Kiaw Wan (green curry) – flavourful coconut broth, bamboo shoots, kaffir lime leaves and garlic – is served spicy, and it has a wicked bite.

sukho pad thaiTom Kha Gai Gaeng Kiaw Wan

Overall l enjoyed the food and the prices, however, the service though friendly is extremely flustered. 
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