Sushi 67

sushi 67

the case part oneglass case part 2

Sushi 67       647.717.8744       Lunch & Dinner Tues to Sun

I walked into Sushi 67 while looking for a local fishmonger, and I’m glad I did.  The layout is similar to that of a jewelry store, glass cases display rows of colourful sushi like gems.  The room is small, very modern (almost futuristic) and has no seating area; strictly takeout or delivery.   

roncesvalles roll

Its lunchtime and I want a quick snack –  The Roncesvalles Roll.   Deep fried shrimp, crab, and cucumber is topped with spicy mayo and buttery salmon and served with a vegan soya sauce.  The rice is nice and thin on the outside – always a good sign the chef knows what he is doing.  The menu even includes a gluten-free section.  Staff is friendly, food wise and accommodating.  Unlicensed. 
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