And we’re back at Michaels on Simcoe…

Michaels on Simcoe       416.260.5100  lunch and dinner Mon-Sat,  closed Sun

I have been to Michaels once before for a champagne tasting, and  have always wanted to come back to try the full dining experience.   But before I really get into things let’s just say I loved everything about this place except the food.  The cool coloured room is alive with an attractive crowd and a long gorgeous bar.

The drinks are excellent: a dirty burnt martini shaken with Tanqueray 10 gin and olive juice, burnt with single malt Scotch (just a few drops in the glass) and garnished with stuffed olives is the right way to start an evening.  To amuse,  savory baked-in-house bread arrives with a silky roasted red pepper spread. 

gin martinithe bread

Note to the kitchen: a little salt doesn’t hurt anyone.  Beef Carpaccio with fried kale, dried shallots and truffle oil resembles a work of art, full of colour and texture, however lacks seasoning.  Another miss is a drastically overcooked veal chop plated with Gnocchi and sweetbreads; drastically overcooked is an understatement, it tasted like eating sawdust.  My server was quick to notice (since I ordered it rare) and took the dish away. 

raw sliced beefthe nasty veal chop

Sides are always a necessity at a steak house so naturally we ordered some.  Sadly the short rib poutine was dry and tasteless, the forest mushrooms were nothing more than a bunch of sliced cremini with an oyster thrown in, and the double baked potato is plain and unexciting.   The only redeeming factor is the tender charcoal crusted 12oz filet USDA Prime Black.

poutinesliced mushroomsdouble baked dry

tasty steak
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  1. Tony says

    If you are ever in Brampton and would like to try a new restaurant may I suggest Mosaic grill? Thank you and happy dining!!

    • Caroline says

      I haven’t been to Mosaic Grill, and would love to visit. I’m definitely going to add it to my wishlist. Thanks Tony :)

      • Tony says

        Please postpone your trip to Mosaic as I have left and apparently things have gone downhill. I am afraid you might not be impressed the way. things are right now although I feel I may return so please postpone your trip for now…

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