Kanji Sushi Restaurant and Sake Bar

chef's sashimi choice

Kanji Sushi and Sake Bar    http://kanjitoronto.com      416.536.8448   open for dinner to late Tues-Sat

I found this place while on a waiting list for another Parkdale restaurant.  Inside earthy tones and modern décor matches the smooth, sexy beats the DJ is playing.  We were a little hungry and decided to order something light, so the Chef’s sashimi sampler seemed to be the best choice.  And to accompany the delicious B.C  Albacore tuna,  buttery Scottish salmon, lightly pickled mackerel and pink tender tuna,  Kanji’s excellent selection of cocktails.  The mint and citrus infused Kanji and the cool cucumbery Osaka cocktails are refreshing and subtle.  The music starts getting louder and the room starts to get a bit livelier and then the phone rings and I have to leave.  I will be returning sometime soon to explore the rest of the fabulous menu.

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