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Lit Espresso Bar     416.538.9700     open daily   7am – 6pm

This causally stylish Roncesvalles spot might just be the perfect coffee shop.  The feel one gets walking through the door is welcoming and casual,  totally neighborhood oriented and as environmentally friendly as possible.  It’s one of those local coffee shops that puts care and love into their brew and it’s contagious.  I’m more of a tea drinker, however the roast at this spot is incredible: on a hot summers day nothing starts the day better than an iced café mocha. 

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salted brownie

The prices aren’t far off from the commercial brands but the richness in flavour is incomparable.  After a rush of energy from the java a snack is in order,  and nothing hits the spot like Lit’s salted brownie; gooey inside, crunchy outside with a touch of salt to woe your taste buds into salvation – oh yes its that yummy.  But don’t take my word for it try it for you and “transport yourself to true coffee bliss”.

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