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Open concept, gorgeous and classic looking, refined with a hipster punk feel.  Up-tempo jazz and spirited conversation dances off the bone white walls.  Having just opened 4 weeks ago this place is jammed for weekend brunches. Cocktail and wine lists are short but thoughtful.  The feel reminds me of New York City’s meat-packing district bar with the majority of the patrons being beautiful ladies. 

Light and floral Bijou hits my lips first with Chartreuse verte, Hendrick’s, and sweet vermouth lingering with citrus and butter on the palate ($13).  Locally sourced and inspired dishes make up most of the restaurants lively menu.  A bar snack menu is also available if one feels like nibbling: $5 each or 3 items for $13.  White bean with anchovy, bread, and olive oil served warm (a surprise) is creamy and comforting.  And if one normally shy’s away from anchovies no need to worry – this spread is so light you can’t even taste it.  House made pickles could use a little love, however, cornmeal crusted smelts are earthy and crunchy with a garlicky pickle tartar-like remoulade.  A last minute order of brown butter spiked popcorn is a delight, especially at $.25 cents – the perfect complement to champagne.


I also ordered a Caesar ($7) but I’m not really happy with it; the spice mix tastes odd.  Hand chopped sirloin and bone marrow burger ($18) with stilton, sided with crisp fries and a cooling fennel catsup is smothered by black char on the brioche bun (every bite I take taste like burnt toast). Pan seared halibut with braised red cabbage and shaved fennel is a standout ($23);  crisp skin balances the moist flaky fish taking the sweet cabbage and salsa verde new heights.

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Samuel J Moore is still a little green, that said, I can’t wait to come back for brunch.

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