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Bistro Grande      416.782.3302    lunch and dinner    Sun-Fri

I’m always up to try anything and everything and when I found out that May is kosher restaurant month in Toronto I just had to try Bistro Grande.  There are 34 restaurants participating in this event and you can find them listed here along with a 10% off your meal coupon.  Regretfully, being the klutz that I am, I forgot my wallet at home with the coupon inside of it!  Hopefully I can just show them the coupon on my phone and get the discount foundon COR’s (Kashruth Council of Canada) website. 

The menu is on the pricey side, entrees are between $24-$38; that said, everything is kosher sourced as locally as possible and the portions are large.  The room is warm and homey, family oriented and softly lit.  Our server on the other hand was brusque and gave us that hurry-up-and-order feeling  (I’m assuming she wants to turn the table quickly).  After telling her to give us a few minutes I order a carafe of house red and when I asked our server “What is your house red?”, she gruffly replied “whatever is open”  (sounds like funs cancelled)  – it was a lovely wine none the less. 

Housemade bread baked fresh daily is grainy and warm, the perfect platform for a garlicky-rich hummus.  The creamy Caesar salad ($14) is lavish, dusted with freshly grated parmesan and textured by thick housemade croutons. Poached salmon is diced and mixed with vibrant greens and ruby coloured sugary beets creating a “big salad” ($20); the only miss is the strange aftertaste – seasoning is needed.

breadgarlic saladbig salad

 Catch of the day: sea bream roasted potatoes and sautéed vegetables ($39).   Served whole the fish is moist, easy to de-bone and flakes apart.  Farmed Atlantic salmon ($32) tastes like creamy butter and melts in the mouth – I’m really impressed.

sea breamsalmon

At first glance I was a little taken aback at the prices, however,  as we started tasting the food I can understand why: the food is worthy of appreciation, it’s the service that needs a few minor adjustments.   Oh, and I almost forgot to let you know that the manager would NOT give me the 10% off the bill even though I explained to him what happened and showed him the coupon on my phone.  Verdict: food is great but the service isn’t.   

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