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Bulgogi Brothers           905.731.5252    open daily lunch & dinner    http://www.bulgogibros.ca/

The modern furniture, spot lighting and Richmond Hill shopping centre digs (in a maze of giant box-eateries) belie the tasty, authentic and slightly understated cuisine.  Bulgogi Brothers is a chain restaurant from Korea; however, this spot seems more like a family run operation.  Ingredients are carefully selected and seasoned to ensure a flavour-packed experience, friendly and attentive staff caters to your every whim. 

While snacking on cold edamame I decide to order something I’ve never tried before (embarrassingly I’ve never heard of either) Makgeolli – an alcoholic beverage made from rice and wheat. The restaurant makes its own version tasting very similar to unfiltered sake with a hint of barley in the finish. After a little debate my friend and I finally decide on a combo for 2 at $49.99.

the snackthe drinkthe combo

Handmade dumplings Gungjung Mandu crackle and crisp on the outside, stuffed with spiced pork, seafood and vegetables are a great munch.  Gwangyang style bulgogi true to southern Korean cuisine cooks meat over a fire grill and in this case its fatty beef blackened then wrapped in a wide variety of leafy greens.  Our choice of steak is AAA Ribeye, generously sliced and cooked by our server to ensure the ideal temperature.  Assorted banchan –  pickled white Kimchi, spicy red Kimchi, thick fermented Italian parsley, lotus root in soy sauce, sweet buttercup squash mash, and spinach mixed with soybean paste.

dumplingsboth cutsthe greens

kimchilotus root

Topped with soy-braised mushrooms and crunchy vegetables,  Soondubu-jjigae is classic Korean delight; a raw egg adds velvety richness, and the gochujang sauce adds an undercurrent of savory heat to the dish.  For after dinner Makgeolli brother bok-bunja/yu-ja is a perfect liquid dessert.

the soupliquid dessert

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