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Worth the drive to Riverdale, Aft is the spot for superior smoked ribs: tender and slow-cooked gloriously succulent meat.  The softly lit room is a cross between cottage country and the old south;  a large slab of wood forms the bar, a wall of bourbon the backdrop, but the star is the smoker.  Proteins are smoked carefully overnight (brisket being the longest at 18 hours) on the restaurants lovely garden patio.  Cold beer, bourbon and a wicked smoker elevate this spot above the rest.   Don’t believe me?  See for yourself cause you won’t be disappointed. 

Signature cocktails are located on the bottom of your menu – there’s only three but they are mighty.  The smoked habañero vodka Caesar ($9) is extremely spicy.  Blueberry margaritas ($11)start out sweet then turn sour and finish with Tequila and oak – super refreshing.  The bourbon sour ($8) is tart on the tongue at first leaving a strong whisky taste in the mouth.  To start, marinated chicken wings ($14) are smoked, perfectly seasoned then finished in the fryer to insure delightfully crisp skin;  served alongside impressive fresh cut fries.    

caesarcocktailsthe wings

The black bean earthy ,yet creamy , dip($6) hints at dried dill seed and herbs, paired with fried flour-based salty tortillas is a must.  Three sauces arrive in preparation for the ribs: mango barbeque, Texas smoked pepper, and a hot (crazy hot)habañero pepper barbeque. Ribs ($19) are properly slow-smoked for 8 hours and flawlessly tender with a hint of colour, plated with mustardy coleslaw that zings and brown-sugary spiced baked beans.   The only ho-hum dish on this night is fried Portobello fries ($8), which are a little cold and dull.

the dipthe saucesthe ribs

the mushroom fries

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