Disaronno Amaretto Dinner at Bloke and 4th

blokebe the mixing star



The evening kicks off with Simon Hooper, mixologist extraordinaire and a finalist in “The Mixing Star” competition”.  He is preparing his winning Juan Gallardo The Matador cocktail that earned him a  stop in the finals.  All the cocktails in this competition must be inspired by movies and according to Hooper “classic movies” to be precise.  The finalists will compete in Amsterdam on July 4th and be graded on technique, taste, balance, creativity, inspiration of recipe and expression of Disaronno.    

the mixmix2 mix3

Simon is making his winnng Juan Gallardo The Matador cocktail…

the matador the matadorbl7 cocktails

The Food Dudes (catering company) has incorporated Disaronno into each dish surprisingly quite well.  I still don’t know how they do it with such a limited kitchen and perfunctory waitstaff. 

Finally, after a short while dinner commences.  Jumbo shrimp amuse sits atop a smooth guacamole puree with diced mango,  dressed in chili and honey sauce it isn’t half bad.  A smokey chicken corn soup awakens my tastebuds with an earthy jalapeno puree, sour tomato concasse and sharp coriander.  Mains are exuberant: a  12-hour cooked short rib is nicely braised, the rich colour of the fatty meat foreshadowing its sweet, earthy taste. For dessert the Disaronno crème brulee is a simple, sweet finish.

shrimp amuse corn coup 12 hour braised short rib creme brulee

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Good luck Simon!


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