Rock Lobster #2

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Rock Lobster @ 538 Queen St. West   416.203.6623  closed mon, tues-sun 5pm to late night

Just as busy if not busier than the Ossington location Rock Lobster’s Queen Street location sports a fabulous patio.  There is nothing better than eating oysters under the evening sun while sipping on refreshing sparkling wine.  Service is friendly, efficient and unwaveringly confident.   The menu is slightly different from their Ossington location but just as tasty – so come hungry! 


If you like savory cocktails the Rock Lobster Caesar is a must; I mean you get a lobster tail soaked in vodka and Clamato.  Who wouldn’t like that?  Screwed Blued and Tattoo’d $11 with Sailor Jerry spiced rum, Cointreau, house-made spiced tea syrup, lime syrup, cola and vanilla bitters, is pretty and delicate like afternoon tea, though and dark and sultry like rock music and tattoos.

 caesarlong island?

A dramatically large Happy Sailor Steampot  $89 includes 4 lobster tails, 12 shrimp, 1lb of snow crab, local sausages, fresh sweet corn, baby red potatoes, white wine, fresh lemon juice, tarragon, and Sailor Jerry rum.  Oh my, the more you dig the better it gets; dipped in fresh butter, it is the ultimate summer reward. A great dish to order when dining with friends; just a different way to enjoy fresh seafood.  Briny East coast oysters (6 @ $13.50) served liquor intact are a must Torontonians.

the pot the pot oysters

Corn on the cob (2 pieces at $7) sounds vanilla until you read the menu description: corn smoked paprika, crown royal maple mayo, crushed sea salt chip dusting and microgreens.  The dish looks and sounds fantastic, however, the toppings cover only a small portion leaving most of the cob is unseasoned.  Brown buttered Digby scallops $14 are a knockout, accented with mint green pea puree and Canadian Atlantic snow crab.


patio at dark

rock part two….

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