Pho Hung Mississauga – and my added touch

I love Vietnamese food and my go-to lately is Pho Hung’s Mississauga spot, mainly because downtown Toronto is a construction mess.  It’s lunchtime and I’m feelin’ like an assorted #58, large –  ‘cause I’m a hungry today!  After my purchase, on my drive home I started thinking about last night’s episode of Masterchef (the make-the-perfect-fried-egg challenge) and that Hungs’ crispy fried noodles topped with garlicky stir fried beef, pork, chicken and shrimp needed an egg, sunnyside up to complete this afternoon fix.  Hey, I’m not the best cook but at least I try.  And what I cooked up was Masterchef worthy.  

the awesome friedegg

Pho Hung on Urbanspoon

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