The Parlor – Round 2

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Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy but the bible says love your enemy – Frank Sinatra.

I’m back for a sit down dinner at The Parlor.   A glossy cocktail booklet/periodical divided by spirits showcases the bars exquisite menu.  I’ve never seen anything like it:

page 1 page 2 page 3 pa6 pa7 pa3 pa8 pa9 pa10

With over 66 crafty cocktails to choose from it gets a little overwhelming.  Thank goodness they included mini-menu labled “on the lighter side” to help me get started – before I really dove in.  Bleu Nuit $16 (roasted blueberry-infused vodka, Lillet Blanc, Crème de Violette, orange bitters) was my first choice because it was “on the lighter side”; well that only refers to the colour, and yes I’m happily buzzed.  I also learned that crème de violette is extremely rare and very hard worldwide.  Aromas of cedar smoked wood signal the arrival of the roasted bar nuts $4, seasoned with Espelette pepper and honey.  

blue nuitnuts

Spicy chorizo, long pepper and sweet honey fight for dominance over the Mennonite chicken $14, and the battle lingers on the palate. A cool sip from The Stand Off $21 (Amaretto, Enmascardo Mescal, Edmond briolette, dark crème de cacao, fernet branca) cools with sweet almond, sultry chocolate and bitter herbs. chicken almond

Duck terrine $8 made from foie gras, brioche and pickled pear melts slowly in the mouth: first sugary then sweet and then seductively sweet.  Looks can be deceiving; this tiny cube of dry aged rib-eye explodes with piri-piri heat then calmed by a Yukon potato foam.  Life is… $23 (Laphroaig quarter cask scotch, Golden Grahams syrup, angostura bitters) but a dream for me;  like sitting by a beautiful campfire smelling the sweet burning wood while eating a s’mores cracker. duck terrineribeye pa11 

A chocolate mousse dessert finishes off the evening nicely seasoned with subtle yuzu curd and sea salt.  After fighting with myself this whole evening I succumb to my enemy and order Gluttony $17 (buttered Bombay sapphire gin, buttered chantreau, cointreau, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup) “fatty little rich bitch” – intrigues me because it’s hard to describe the taste.  I would say similar to lemon butter with a floral undertone and very mellow.   Sometimes it feels so good to be bad…

dessert gluttoney

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