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Azarias      647.352.8448     open daily 5pm-close

While at taste of the Kingsway, I stumbled upon Azarias.  The menu has a bit of everything though mainly focuses on seafood.  Large windows flat panel televisions give the front of the house a sports bar feel, towards the back, modern décor keeps the dining area looking warm and cozy.  Servers could use a lesson or two. 

Peruvian ceviche with sweet potato is good but nothing spectacular, a little spicy and you really don’t get enough protein for the $8 pricetag.  Smoked salmon latkes with dill cream cheese $9, need a touch of pepper and salt to bring up the dish.  Red wine sangria $12 with crème de cassis, fresh fruit and juice is served in a wine glass brimmed to the top – mostly with the juice.  And the white version $12 fares better with elderflower cordial, fresh berries and mint.

table setupceviche aza8 red sangria white sangria

The vibe in the place feels Italian; however, the servers say it’s more international.  What do I know anyway – see for yourself.  Overall they need to work on the dishes but they do have a great setup for Sunday night football.

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