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It’s a bakery but it’s also a bar.  Finally someone in Toronto has done it, put the two together creating a small but cute spot baking fresh cupcakes and sweets.  Owner and baker at Bite Bar, Nisha Amin-Agnihotri tells me that customers often stop in midday for a bite and a dessert inspired cocktail. Lately Toronto has been saturated with cupcake shops, and I learnt of this spot I thought, sure the cupcakes are probably good but how can the bar compare to anything else in the city.  Well it does! A few of the cocktails, I can easily say, taste like nothing else around – especially Nisha’s made-from-scratch eggnog with Baileys.  Her bite-sized cupcakes come in 12 flavours and they’re wrapper free so you can pop them in your mouth with no mess. She also makes marshmallow bars, mini cheesecakes and ice cream.   This spot is totally unique in the city, worth a visit. 


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