Nando’s Flame-Grilled Chicken

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 I had no idea to expect on my first trip to Nandos Portuguese flame-grilled chicken.  Is it fast food?  Or is it more of a sit-down restaurant? Well, it’s a bit of both.  Walking inside, spicy rich aromas remind me of a very popular Canadian chicken chain.  After a quick order at the counter we take a seat and wait for our food to arrive.



We tried to cover as much of the menu as possible, though looking back we should have ordered a whole chicken dinner.  Fresh (never frozen) chicken is served in 5 PeriPeri flavours: plainish, lemon and herb, medium, hot and extra hot; my advice order it plain and dress it up after with tableside sauces which are also available for purchase.  The menu is totally customizable.  I decided to pair my juicy ¼ chicken thigh/leg dinner $11.75 with creamy coleslaw and not-so-crispy Peri fries.  My friends breast and wing dinner 12$ fared much better with piping hot fluffy-on-the-inside, crisp-on-the-outside Peri wedges, the veggies, however, could use a touch of salt.  Grilled wings $4.50 arrive in complete form (tips on)naked and oh so tender.  On my next visit I’m ordering them extra crispy.  Favorite item of the night: grilled chicken livers $7 loaded with garlic and just a touch of lemon, sided with a freshly baked bun still dusted with flour.  

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 Overall the food is good, I would definitely come back to explore more of the menu.

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