Sushi on Roncy

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647.347.7735             open daily 11:30am-10:30pm

I stumbled upon this place by accident using Google maps searching for sushi place that delivers and found a great restaurant.   Shortly after placing my call, a knock at the door revealed a man dressed in Japanese patterned silks holding my delivery.  I was surprised when he arrived so quickly because I had just finished telling my sister that sushi delivery always takes forever.  He was extremely polite and cordial when he handed me the order; for what we ordered it wasn’t expensive.  White snow, crunchy tuna, and lobster rolls were very delicate, having just a thin coating of rice around them – beats most dine-in spots around the city.  Assorted tempura, dusted with panko, thinly sliced is unbelievably still crisp! 

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After such an impressing delivery service I had to go try the full restaurant experience.   Located on Roncesvalles in the heart of a Polish community was an adorable little spot.  The kid-friendly interior opens up into a charming lantern lit patio decorated with shrubs.   I can’t believe this place has been here for so long! I’ve been missing out on such a wonderful close-to-home spot.   The amuse, savory noodle soup, begins the evening seasoned with a smoky soy sauce. I’ve had enoki beef rolls $9.95 before but these “wraps” were fried and battered adding umami and texture.  The salmon hand roll $4.95 spicy, and an order of edamame $3.95 is always great to start a meal along with fried Agedashi tofu $3.95. Ordering of the Izakaya menu, sliced beef ribs, are fatty and garlicky. The pictures I took were from the restaurant, however, my experience was one and the same.

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