Trinity Talverna

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I’ve heard from many people that Trinity Taverna has one of the most beautiful decors in the city, and they are right.  Walking inside I feel like I’ve stepped into a seaside town in Greece.   The interior is white, warm with wood and large photos of seascapes and the gorgeous countryside. Most of the walls are actually windows that open in the summer to give the room an airy feel.  Seafood is fresh and showcased right in the front, almost like a market with hanging cuts of fresh meat in the background.  The room is slightly overstaffed, a lot of moving parts but nothing moves quickly

Oysters arrive looking a little disheveled which completely surprises me.  Fresh lamb tartar is lean with fresh mint kefalotiri shaves, shallots, Thai chili oil topped with a quail egg sided with kefalotiri flat bread crotons.  Tarama dip bursts with smoked salmon, garlic and briny caviar. Sweetbreads flour dusted and pan fried in a lamb stock and Greek viognier wine reduction melt like butter in my mouth.  

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Grilled meze are excellent especially the charred octopus with aged balsamic and the calamari spiced with harissa oil, fresh thyme and fleur de sel.  I did, however, find the US saltwater jumbo shrimp under-seasoned and rubbery.  Smelts were unavailable so we ordered sardines and let me tell you I have not tasted anything so delicious; grilled, seasoned with lemon and light dusting of salt to accentuate the unbelievable flavour.  And removing the bones is as easy and clean as lifting a sword out of its scabbard.  I honestly ate it completely including the head which is the best part (believe me). After the kitchen closes the upstairs becomes a lively lounge.


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