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Today I’m feeling like being bad, food wise and I’m taking it out on the latest ramen/yakitori place in Koreatown.  This spot is almost identical the one on Baldwin street, except the kitchen has added a chicken broth option when building your soup. 

Simple yet refreshing, “Samurai rock” sake and lime cordial.  Next, I build my soup.  The chicken broth has ground little pieces of chicken in it so it’s a must,  shio style seasoning  (sea salt, white onions, nori , scallions, egg) fresh “thick” handmade noodles fresh and pork belly finishing it off with an extra egg and butter of course. This is the hug I needed, perfect for a cold day.

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 Kimchi isn’t overly spicy or flavourful, maybe a few more days of fermentation would help.  Tako wasabi always clears the sinuses – ask for soy sauce on the side to dip with the nori adds the perfect touch.   Spicy fried chicken hot karaage not extremely excited about this one, however a nice balance between garlic and heat.  

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  1. Bill says

    Kimchi? Is that not Korean? I was going to try them but I guess I will stick with Jyuban. Their ramen cannot be beat

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