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https://twitter.com/DistrictOvenTO           416.901.7717     open daily for dinner

The décor in this space is so wildly contrasting its sexy: exposed brick, distressed wood, plump red banquets and abstract art. And when you see the warm inviting fire from the Hearthstone (taboon) oven it’s like a moth to a flame.  Life is food and food is life, needless to say I left District Oven grinning from ear to ear.

Here’s a rule to remember: don’t order drinks without fully understanding what the ingredients are – District Arak reads like luscious but tastes like absinthe. No offense to black licorice lovers, but it’s not my thing.  Lemony Sumach rims the exotically spiced District margarita, highlighted by fig almond syrup and lime.

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Assorted pickles are a must – an astringent addition to any dish. Creamy labaneh with zatar, sesame and smoky pomegranate molasses baba ghanoush reaches another level when slathered over a pillowy, fresh-from-the-oven inflated pita. Once pierced, a cloud of steamy hot heavenly goodness waves a white flag as it falls victim to my hungry eyes. Spicy Shawarma cigars hits with heat then plateaus for a nice even spice, cooled by jalapeno Tahini sauce. Charred flatbread must be eaten quickly otherwise it becomes dry and stiff (same with the pita) – fig, shallots, mint and halloumi remind me of warm summer evenings. Food is so powerful. And finally, the juicy aromatically spiced kefta burger arrives dressed in arugula, fig jam, and brie for one of the best in the city, sided with spicy fresh cut fries.

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