Hogtown Smoke

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http://hogtownsmoke.ca/     416.691.9009   open daily lunch & dinner   $$

The tiny room exudes happiness. And not just because the aromas of slowly smoked meat invade your senses like the sweet smell of freshly cut grass, it’s the bubbling conversation of area locals salivating for their first bite. Efficient service.

When someone tells me they make a good Caesar they better bring it. In this case it’s the homemade Worcestershire sauce that does it – now all is needed is a nice savory garnish. Today’s deep fried rip appetizer special isn’t special at all, I think they had to find something to do with yesterdays leftovers. Purple slaw boring, creamy slaw more boring and a side Caesar salad with dried up pieces of tiny pork belly is so disappointing its almost sacrilegious.

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Meat platters are the restaurants savior. Wilbur: half pound pulled pork, 6 smoked wings, half smoked chicken, rib bone, every single item on the platter is tender, juicy, flavourful and I came into this restaurant with serious doubt in my mind and I’m actually impressed. Sauces are rich and nicely finished, complex.
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