Lady Marmalade

lady1 lady2             647.351.7645                 breakfast/brunch 8am-4pm   $$

There is always a lineup of locals waiting to get into this hip East beaches spot. The jumpin’ beats subdue the hungry waiting in line for a table with love – hey it’s not that long so RELAX.  I’m not a “brunch” person but in this neck-of-the-woods, I’ve heard it’s the place to go.

lady3 lady4 lady5

Mango lassie soothes the angriest of men(and women): tart yogurt milk, cardamom and mint. Soup of the day is a home-style, hardy carrot with ginger that livens the palate.   Lemony hollandaise brie, bacon and avocado bennie satisfies but doesn’t dazzle (sorry).  Love the mild sausage, seasoned nicely by herb and peppercorn.

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    Incredible! This bllg looks just like my old one!
    It’s on a totally difvferent subject but it has pretty much
    the sme page layout and design. Excellent chboice of colors!

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